Sandcastles are cool as a Marketing Tool


I've had a number of opportunities in my photography career to use various items- both living and inanimate as props for advertising shoots. Animals of all types, dogs, chickens, horses, cows and even fish have been the focus of my lens. And inanimate objects like air conditioner robots for Mitsubishi and antique hobby horses for IBM were challenging. But by far the coolest prop to use has been the sandcastle; uniquely sculpted by unbelievable talent so the final image can be used to promote a product. To be a part of such a team of builders, in itself is part of the enjoyment and the day or so it takes to produce the work of art is one of shared excitement. Because until the final fine sculpting is complete, it's hard to see the perfected piece. The above image was produced for a lighting company and built and shot at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I have done projects for Doritos with Donald Trump at West Palm Beach, Fl and for the Hilton Hotel at Miramar Beach, Fl. One word of caution- if you plan for an early morning shoot- like we had at Sandestin Beach resort, hire really good security, so rowdy late night revelers don't throw beach chairs at your prop and you have to wake up the artists at 5 am.

Chip Henderson